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Two Words

In the entry for the Latin noun caput in Wheelock (ch. 11), several English derivatives are listed. Here are two good ones to add to your arsenal:

occiput: the back or posterior part of the head (ob + caput)
sinciput: the front part of the head or skull (semi + caput)

Also of interest is ‘kerchief’, consisting of ‘chief’ < ME chef, chief, < OF chef, chief (= Pr. cap, Sp. cabo, It. capo head):–Rom. type *capu-m:–L. caput head) (from OED entry for chief (n.)), and ker- (whole word from ME kerchef, syncopated form of keverchef, < OF cuevrechief (from OED entry for kerchief (n.)). ‘Cover’ (‘coverchief’ is an earlier form of ‘kerchief’), in turn, goes back via Old French to the Latin verb cooperire.

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