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Bad comic Latin

This came through on one of the listservs:


This is some of the worst bad Latin we’ve seen.

“My infancy … because … my traveling money … I seek … O Romus! … ???”

Try something like this:


UPDATE: I’ve touched a nerve. Something calling itself “Psy” had this to say:

um…who the hell cares…it’s a comic…you know…HUMOR? Latin is called a dead language for a reason. Cause no one gives a ****.

You can guess what I’ve censored, and why I rejected the comment.

Psy, I like my humor to be humorous and literate when appropriate. Take a look at Monty Python’s Life of Brian for a good example of Latin humor.

But this careless mess could just as well have been done with a conquistador on horseback with this nonsense slogan stitched to his pack: “mi infancia porque gastos de viajes pedo Spain universidaded.” Oh, ho, ho! What merry fun we have!