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Classics at Warwick

I was snooping around on iTunesU the other day and came across a new podcast from the University of Warwick Department of Classics and Ancient History.  There only seems to be one episode so far–a nice introduction to numismatics.  If you don’t use iTunes, here is a link to the podcast on their departmental webpage.

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  1. Thanks for highlighting Peter’s podcast.

    I have badgered him to get on with some more and he has promised some new episodes in the near future.

    Peter also recorded a series on Medieval Islamic Medicine – which is worth a listen.

    If you have any feedback or ideas let me know.

  2. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the link. Please let us know (if you think of it) when more episodes are available, and I’ll be sure to advertise them here. It looks like folks at Warwick are doing some interesting stuff.