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A.P. Latin Poll: Do it for the kids!

No, it’s not about the content of the new syllabus, but rather about a specific circumstance that some poor teachers (like me) find themselves and there students in, and I would really appreciate your input: teaching AP on a ridiculously short schedule.

Whether you teach (or have taught) AP or not, you’re more than likely qualified to comment on a question of how to best serve the interests of students in this situation, and as always, feel free to leave comments as well. Here’s the situation:

My school is on a block schedule (5 days a week, 85 minutes a day, 1 semester = 1 year of a traditional schedule). Right now we offer Latin 1 and 2 in the first year, Latin 3 and 4 in the second, and In the third year we have nothing in the Fall, but AP Latin: Vergil in the Spring).

Students entered AP Latin last year after a seven month lay-off. In the Spring we had three and half months filled with interruptions (including state HSPA-testing and spring recess) which eliminated several weeks of class time.

I’m writing a proposal that will in part lobby for a change in the way courses are at least sequenced, and I could use your input. You just may help make a difference for some kids who deserve a better situation.

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