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Digital Roman Forum

I don’t know whether this has been mentioned on this site before (though I’m betting that Sarah at least is already familiar with it)–but this is one of the neatest and most helpful resources for ancient Rome I’ve seen on the interwebs. The number of resources is incredible: reconstructed models, a map of the Forum that you can modify by a movable timeline, photographs, entries from L. Richardson’s New Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome, and more. And free! Multas gratias ago auctoribus!

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  1. Eric, thanks for posting this link. During my first visit to the Forum many years ago my tour guide was an architect (Prof. Dean Abernathy) who was working with Bernie Frischer on this project. It was neat to later see the model at its original home in UCLA, and then on the web, at various presentations by by Prof. Frischer. I share the creators’ hope that this model can be used by people all over the world to better visualize the Roman Forum in antiquity.


  • Dennis June 2, 2010

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