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Linux Latīnē

I’ve just jettisoned Windows XP from my ten year old PC and installed Linux Mint.

I was pretty excited to learn how easy it was to designate a Compose key, which — together with a hyphen before the vowels a, e, i, o, and u — produces a vowel with a macron (so long as you use the U.S. international keyboard).

It’s just as simple as it is on a Mac, where the sequence is alt-a followed by the desired vowel.

Unfortunately the effort to translate the Gnome UI into Latin has never seemed to catch on.

Any other classicists out there using some form of Linux? It’s an interesting platform that I should’ve jumped into years ago.

I’m itching to learn a bit of programming along the way, and hope to do something useful in classics in the process. I’ve already got a few ideas, but there’s a long road ahead.