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Engraved Gourds?

In his Commentary on Jonah, Jerome refers (4:6) to “gourds of small cups/vessels” on which images of the Apostles are sketched:

Et revera in ipsis cucurbitis vasculorum, quas vulgo saucomarias vocant, solent apostolorum imagines adumbrari…

I’d never heard of such an object. Has anyone else, and can you point me to where I might go to find out more?

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  1. Hello,

    Can the phrase “Vivamus atque Amemus” really be shortened to “Vivemus et amemus” or “Vivamus amemus”?

    Thank you.

    -Christian Ramos

  2. Dear friend,

    You will find some interesting clues in these two papers:

    -HAMBLENNE, P., «Relectures de philologue sur le «scandale» du lierre/ricin (Hier., In lon., 4, 6)», Evprhosyne, 16 (1988), 183–223.

    -HELLER, J. L., «Notes on the meaning of kolokynté», Ill. Class. Stud. 10 (1985), 67-117, now online:

    My best