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Grading with Google Docs

Flubaroo by is a very interesting little script for grading multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank responses via Google Docs spreadsheets. You need a Google account and have to take a few steps to install the script, but it’s promising. I’m a great fan of anything that minimizes the numbers of sites and services I need to use, and if I can keep it all with Google then I’m very happy. (via at Google+)

Want to know more about Flubaroo? Like where the name came from? How other educators use it? Want to get your questions answered live by the creator of Flubaroo, and other educators? Want to learn a little bit about Google Apps Script, the code that Flubaroo is written in?

Then tune in tomorrow, May 2nd at 6pm EST (3pm PST) to watch a live session on Flulbaroo and Google Apps Script, part of Google’s Education On Air Conference (eduonair).

To watch, visit this page ( a few minutes before the session starts….