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Conventiculum Latinum at Kentucky (July 2013)

If you want to practice speaking Latin with some of the people who know best both how to do it and how to help others learn comfortably, then check out the Conventiculum Latinum, Annual Workshop for Spoken Latin at the University of Kentucky (Lexington). The workshop is run by the venerable duo of Terence Tunberg and Milena Minkova. I attended a one-day workshop of theirs at Dickinson college, and it was a great experience.

You can learn more on their site and sign up to attend the eight day (!) event, held July 17–24 next year. $100 to attend, and $140 for 7 days of breakfast and lunch and 5 nights of dinner. You can find your own lodging or stay in the dorms for $27/night.

Quite a deal for such an opportunity. If you’re a teacher, just think of the PD hours you can get out of that!